Tuesday, July 05, 2005


hello whoever may read this.

so, i just watched Coach Carter with my grandmother, whom we affectionately call "Mamaa." some may know of whom i speak; those such people are privilaged. really she is the most amazing role model. she is leaving tomorrow morning to go back to Louisiana, I feel like I really didn't give her the attention she deserved while she was here. Maybe I will take a trip to see her during the latter part of the summer. Let me know if anyone would like to join me - Louisiana is amazing, especially at night when you can see every star in the sky because there are hardly any lights out in the country.
so anyways... the movie was really good; i recommend everyone see it. so my life has been sorta uneventful lately. I did go to stone mountain and we camped out saturday night. That was great, Luca and Anna, Miss Woodson, Ashley and Julie all stopped by. Then me, Josh, Adam, Opie, and Tyler spent the night there. We started walking down the street, except on the sidewalk, at about 12:30 and a police man stopped and told us that the park closed at 12 and we needed to get back to our campsite. I really wished he had put us in his car and driven us back. that would have been an experience. Then on the fourth we didnt do much, no fireworks this year. We did cook hamburgers on my dad's new grill though. yum!
In more recent news... today I started painting another house. I got a job painting the exterior of a house in my neighborhood. They also said that they will be keeping me busy, they want me to paint some of their rooms inside too. I am then going to start tiling Julie's house i think... I hope her mom has made up her mind. Anyways i need the money - I am kinda struggling to pay off my debt from last semester of school.
and thats about it, yeah my life is boring. oh yeah! I have started playing tennis recently. I never knew it could be so much fun. John, Charles, Adam, Opie, and Josh join me. It has been great. Im glad we get outside and do things like that. Its so humid though, so we always come back home dripping wet with sweat... no good. okay this is getting long. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get around to this. I will try and update it better.
Bedtime is awaitin' so have a great night :)


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