Wednesday, July 13, 2005

tennis rules!

I just got back from playing a game of tennis with charles. of course, i beat him. ahem. ok, that last statement may or may not be completely accurate. but man was it hot outside. of course it has to rain all afternoon and be nice and cool this morning, but when i want to go outside and exercise it has to go and be all like... noo its going to be hot outside for you especially Jeremy... grr.
Well not much is going on in my life right now. I am reading a new book, A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken. Its a really amazing book about the amazing love of two people, and I recommend it to all who have time to read. I have gotten through Chapter 2 and I dont want to stop reading it, but I just have too much other stuff to do. And then Harry Potter comes out on sunday!!! I cant wait. well i can, i think that I am going to wait until I finish reading A Severe Mercy until I even buy Harry Potter because it will just be too much of a distraction.
I am actually going out to a club this friday. Its Brett Hisky's birthday party, and they are renting a limo and going out all night. I think it will be fun, an experience atleast. I just hope that Brett doesnt prank me. He said he would get me back from last week when i put black olive juice in his Coke.. :) haha. it was great.
Well tonight is actually my very last day of working at Dominos. Im not sad, that company treated us like *insert bad word here.* I worked there for about 17 months and never received a raise, even when I was told I would several times. well good bye Dominos. And speaking of such things, I must be off to work. au revior


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